Gesture lock screen


The gesture is the thing which detects your movement on the touchscreen. A gesture is normally swiping down, swiping up, circle, square, rectangle and more. A gesture is a feature provided in the Android operating system to detect the actions done on your android touch screen.

Unique lock screen:

Uniqsofts give you the unique lock screen feature which is the gesture lock screen. The gesture
lock screen
 is the lock screen which helps the user to lock screen and unlock the phone using their signature or the gesture. A signature can be used with accuracy. It can be specified by the user. Our gesture lock screen provides you with the lots of features to make the user interactive with the phone.


  • Lock the screen with your gesture or signature
  • Supports different colors
  • Use voice if you forgot your password
  • Directly launch application from your lock screen
  • Set accuracy level
  • Store gesture for every app
  • You can view gestures
  • Produce some sounds if the user puts wrong sign
  • Test the lock screen
  • Display lock screen on incoming call
  • hide gesture when drawing


When you launch the gesture lock screen application there is one checkbox and one button available.

The checkbox is used to say whether gesture lock screen should be displayed or not. The button is used to save the gesture or signature which is drawn in the below screen.

Then, the menu button contains

  • App gestures
  • View gestures
  • Sound
  • Test
  • Forgot Password
  • Sign Colour
  • Remove Ads
  • Settings

App gestures

Gesture lock screen has the unique feature app gestures. This is used to store unique gesture
for every app. When you draw that unique gesture on the lock screen our gesture lock screen directly launches the application.

For example, when you store the gesture ‘U’ for the application Uniqtracker in the gestures you can directly launch Uniqtracker from the lock screen by drawing the gesture ‘U’ on the lock screen.

View gestures

You can view the gestures stored by you. View gestures are used to show the gestures you stored for some apps and for main unlock.


The sound is the unique feature gesture lock screen has. You need to save som words so that whenever the other person puts the signature or gesture wrongly gesture lock screen will play the sound. You can set different pitch and speed rate for the sound that plays.

For example, when you save the word idiot in the text box in the sound layout whenever the user puts the wrong signature or gesture it pronounces idiot.


A test is an option used to test the gesture lock screen whether it is working correctly or not.

Forgot Password

It is the option to unlock the phone when you forgot your gesture. You need to store the voice and it should be used to unlock the phone when you forgot your password.

Sign Colour

Gesture lock screen supports many colors for the gesture.

Following are the colors supported by the gesture lock screen

  • Invisible
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Cyan
  • Dark Grey
  • Grey
  • Light Grey
  • Magenta
  • White

Invisible is used to hide the gesture or signature while drawing


You can set the accuracy level in the settings option. Accuracy level is used to set the level of the detection when the user draws the signature or gesture on the lock screen.


You can use the following link to download the application.

Playstore link