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Gesture Lock Screen Features

Gesture Lock Screen is a wonderful app that allows to securing your Android mobile phone with letters, signatures, symbols and number gesture lock screen app. This is an amazing intelligent gesture lock screen app that detects and adjusts to the letters, number and special character that are created every time and stored as lock screen passwords.


Lock the screen with your gesture or signature
Supports different colors
Use voice if you forgot your password
Directly launch application from your lock screen
Set accuracy level
Store gesture for every app
You can view gestures
Produce some sounds if the user puts wrong sign
Test the lock screen
Display lock screen on incoming call
hide gesture when drawing If you Want download Click Below Button Click


Previous Features 

This creative with this gesture app well as,hearts, circles, triangles, squares, make any shape, letter, number and save it as for the gesture lock. This mobile application is main useful for gesture invisible in your mobile screen. Gesture Lock Screen has the most powerful option invisible the gesture you drawn and which is the unique feature available in this application. Gesture Lock Screen many features inbuilt and best feature is user can be sign into the draw but mobile screen draw display invisible. very important you can draw the gesture in your mobile screen continuously draw in your sign until complete. Gesture Lock Screen is designed to allow you to launch any personal application through your personalized gesture, so you do not have to worry about anyone meddling with the contents of your phone.



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